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Erotic story: The First Tale of Justin Case

I used to play Dungeons & Dragons back in the day. I started out playing red box, played 3e in high school and then stopped.  I've tried joining a few groups but I never clicked with them. (It was much harder to find groups 20 years ago.)

Several years ago I got nostalgic and wanted to play again so I started DMing for my guys. Like so many groups, we played very infrequently and eventually one of my guys said he wanted to try DMing. Sweet! That's like winning the lotto! I like to play clerics and pallys, so I immediately rolled a half elf cleric with abandonment issues, lol!

As you know, sometimes those squishy level ones get killed, so I rolled a second, more fun character, just in case... Justin Case. This story began as his backstory and then it kept on going. I hope you enjoy it!

The First Tale of Justin Case, an erotic D&D fanfic

A carefree and music loving halfling child, Justin's parents were none too bright. Convinced their child was a genius, his parents insisted that he study with the top minds and give up his foolish desire to become a traveling entertainer.

Years were spent studying with the top minds as Justin tried in vain to apply himself. In vain because despite what he and his parents thought, Justin was not a genius. Through those long years, every chance he had, Justin would disguise himself, sneak out of the academy and entertain with his songs and stories. Street corners, taverns and festivals, Justin only wanted to entertain... and entertain he did.

By song, story or poem he enthralled his audiences. Sometimes he enthralled too much, like the time he sang the skirts off the sweet half-elf barmaid who unfortunately had a very protective (and violent) father. He'd had to step lively to survive that encounter and to this day is banned from entering the Twenty Stone Elf in the nearby town of Varis.

When he was finally given the opportunity to pursue his own studies, he applied his mind to the utmost, even putting his music on hold. Unfortunately, his research was discredited as it was ripe with fallacy and plagiarism. Justin was unceremoniously removed from the academy and sent on his way with his few belongings.

He headed home, unsure how to break the news to his folks. When Justin began telling his parents, they became so upset that he instead said he was joking, that he had been sent for to teach his expertise at another academy. "So you see, I'll be away for a time but it cannot be helped," he said with a merry wink, "none may hinder the path of knowledge!"

After a big meal celebrating "the most unscholarlinessed halfling of all the land," as his mother repeatedly put it, Justin set off down the path. He felt guilty about the deception, but he decided to keep up his ruse... if only for his parent's sake. The look of pride in their eyes, how could he take that from them?

Heading down the road, Justin's heart was lightened. He was darned smart. He was also a darned fine musician. And the ladies were quite taken with him, too! He would live a much more comfortable life with his music than with his books. Singing a merry song, Justin began the journey to his new life down the road.


Justin's first stop was Thumbolk's Tavern, two towns away. Thumbolk was an adventurer from way back, a feared fighter... key word being was. His final adventure paid well and he opened his tavern, became lazy, slow and fat. He perched on his reinforced stool behind the bar filling mugs with ale and exchanging the same tired stories with the same tired ex-adventurers. Thumbolk's greatsword hung above the hearth, the only action it saw these days was the occasional dusting. Two serving maids darted between the kitchens, Thumbolk and the tables. Thumbolk's wife, strolled about the tavern greeting customers and helping where needed.

Thumbolk's Tavern was located at the crossroads in the town of Crossroads. As such, it was always busy and always diverse. Justin found himself a seat in the back, out of sight of Thumbolk's wary eyes. He ordered a plate and a mug from Chancey, the half-elf serving maid, and watched Thumbolk's wife, Delphine, sway across the room in her tight red linen dress.

Her hips rolled too near a big half-orc and he took the opportunity to give her a slap on the bottom. Almost too quick for sight, the big orc was on the floor, pinned by his own groping hand, Delphine calm as she held him down and explained that she was not to be touched. Several regulars had stood, the sound of weapons being unsheathed whispered behind her, punctuating her explanation. Her explanation finished, she released him, asked him to again be seated and called for a drink on the house for him. Thumbolk had finally struggled up off his stool and peered menacingly at the newcomer through his rolls of fat as he filled a cup with his best ale for the half-orc.

The tension eased as Chaney took the mug to the table with a smile. When he had drunk and raised his cup in salute to Delphine, the others sheathed their swords. "This is Gronch," Delphine called through the din, "new come to Thumbolk's Tavern and Crossroads. Well met, Gronch!" Everyone saluted and welcomed Gronch to Crossroads, to Thumbolk's Tavern. A few men, human and half-elf, gathered 'round Gronch to exchange stories of when they had tried pinching Delphine.

Taking up his lute, Justin softly strummed a tune that sounded a bit like a call to arms as he watched Delphine walk towards him. He felt more confident when he finished his short melody. Her sway made his mouth go dry. She had long, shining black hair, eyes so pale they were nearly the color of ice and the shape of an hourglass. She was everything a woman was meant to be. Each swaying step showed flashes of her creamy white thighs through the slits in her skirt and her ample cleavage looked in danger of falling free when she leaned a hip on his table and bent to speak with him. She smiled down at him. Her smile was such that it made a man forget about her other attributes. But not for long.

"Ah, Justin! It's been many seasons, my friend!" She sat down at the table with him. "How go your studies?"

"Delphine, Beauty of the Crossroads," he replied smoothly, "many seasons, indeed, although they seem to have passed you by." Her smile broadened; humans liked to hear that they hadn't aged. It was hard on them, growing old and wrinkled while their half-elf friends stayed untouched by time. Chancey placed a mug of ale on the table, curtsied and left. He thanked her without removing his gaze from Delphine. Women liked to think they were the only beauty in town.

"Always so charismatic, Justin," she gave him a sly wink, "trouble will come of it one day soon, if it hasn't come to pass already!"

Gently laying his hand atop hers, he replied, "I'm ever hopeful, Delphine." He quickly removed his hand again, one did not touch Delphine against her wishes. "Have a cup of wine while I play for you." He picked up his lute and strummed it... a soft sound, so light that one felt they might be carried off by it.

"You know I adore your playing," she closed her eyes and continued dreamily, "I do, but not now. After supper I will have ample time." She shook her head slightly and opened her eyes, rising. Leaning across the table she tucked a loose strand of hair behind his ear, her fingers trailed down his jaw, "You need a barber, Justin."

He watched her sway away to speak with the other patrons with hungry eyes. That walk, those hips, that lingering touch... his pants felt tight. Chancey came back with his plate and he got to eating. The food was always excellent at Thumbolk's Tavern; the cook was as wide as Thumbolk himself, even though she was a good foot or two shorter.

He finished his meal, ordered a cup of wine and watched the other patrons while he waited for Delphine. Humans and half-elves made up the majority of the patrons, with the occasional half-orc or halfling, and they were all for hire. A sleek, self important man sauntered in the door. He was dressed in sky blue velvet and creamy lace. Merchants went to Brehmen's Hitch for trade, they only came here when looking for guards. Justin watched Delphine greet him, cock her head the way she did when thinking, then point to Justin. He gave her a doubtful look then came to his table.

"Justin? Justin Case?" he said with disbelief as he looked down at the smiling halfling. At Justin's nod, he asked if he could join him, "I have a business proposition for you."

"Chancey!" Justin cried, startling the overdressed man, "your best wine for my friend, here!" He continued in a more reasonable tone, "Let us talk then, my friend, of duties and roads... of danger and gold!" He strummed his lute and a sound of victory and greatness played on the ears of the merchant.

"It's quite simple, really," he stated, "I need a guard for my guards. Someone who is smart enough to not only know the trade, but to keep my guards to their duties."

"Look no further, friend," Justin proclaimed, "if it's intelligence you want, you'll do no better than Justin Case!" Strumming his lute to evoke the sounds of bravery and victory he went on about the academies he had studied at and whom he had studied with. "So you see friend, I'm the obvious choice."

They discussed payment and schedules over the wine Chancey had brought and settled on the details quickly. He was to meet Fergus, daybreak tomorrow at Brehmen's Hitch; they'd be traveling by midday. Only one night to woo Delphine; who could say when he'd return? Perhaps a fortune teller, but he'd rather spend his coin on wine... and women.

Delphine joined him when Fergus left for the Hitch. "Trying to be rid of me so soon, Delphine?" his lute sang of loss and emptiness. "Fergus seemed to think I was perfect for the job."

Delphine looked a little sad, "Never to be rid of you, sweet Justin, I'd not though it a long journey." Her brows crinkled in thought, "I know his guards, a solid group of men that know their trade well."

"I only tease, priceless one," his lute spoke of happiness, togetherness, "I just dread to think that yet another season may pass without holding you in my eyes."

Her eyes softened, ice melting, and her full red lips looked ready to be kissed. "Say you won't be gone long from Crossroads, Justin." Beneath the table, she lay her hand on his knee.

His fingers played on the strings of his lute, coaxing forth the sound of loneliness. "Who can say what the Gods intend? I only hope that I can return one day, to gaze again on the Beauty of the Crossroads."

Delphine looked stricken, "Oh, I'll not forgive myself if you never return," she said miserably, pressing her free hand to her breast, "after I've sent you away so soon!" Her other hand gripped his knee tightly beneath.

The music slowly changed from sad to hopeful as he spoke slowly, "Perhaps, my love, we can make this night special." She frowned in thought and looked over her shoulder at Thumbolk. Realizing she still leaned forward, clutching his knee, she slowly let go. But shortly after he felt her foot slide up his calf. His lute sang of love, of happiness... of pleasure.

She spoke slowly, quietly, "Perhaps we can, at that." She tapped her full lips with a finger. "Meet me at the pond west of here at full dark. Be discreet." She took a deep breath that did amazing things to her cleavage and rose. "Until then, my dearest."

Justin called Chancey over and secured a room for the night. He went upstairs, stowed his few belongings, cleaned up and shaved at the wash stand, made a little lump in the bed that looked like a sleeping halfling and stealthily left the inn with his lute and wineskin and none the wiser.

He had time before meeting Delphine so he snuck around Crossroads, filching the prettiest flowers, one here, two there, until he had a gorgeous bouquet. Then he visited the gardens in town and filled a sack with ripe berries. On his way to the pond he helped himself to a blanket that someone had left on the clothesline. Two doors down from the blanket he helped himself to a lantern that had been left out. Three doors down from the lantern he helped himself to the sight of a half-orc changing for bed in the window. Her bulky, heavily muscled body shone in the candlelight, her breasts large and gravity defying. He gave himself a shake... Delphine. A true beauty that he'd been charming for years in hopes of this very night and he was allowing himself to be distracted by a half-orc!

He got to the pond as the sunset faded and turned dark. He lit the lantern, spread out the blanket and laid the flowers, berries and wineskin atop it. Then he settled himself on the blanket, took up his lute and began playing.

The soft sounds of joy, happiness, love and passion danced about him as he played, waiting for her. There was something... there, yes, just a flicker moving towards the pond. The flicker grew closer as he played, his music changing, becoming softer but insistent, a deep beat somehow growing and twining into the song that spoke of desire, of raw need. The flicker resolved into Delphine, in a black velvet cloak with the hood drawn, the purple satin lining nearly as dark as the velvet. Her bare legs shone in the moonlight, cloak parting as she walked towards him.

The beat of his music became more pronounced and Delphine pushed the hood back, uncovering her face. Her eyes shone in the moonlight, her full lips curved in a smile as she began dancing to the tune.

It started with just her feet and hips, shuffling steps in time with the insistent beat. He could see her hips swaying to the rhythm despite the bulky cloak. Then step and sway and another and another, in time to that sensual beat. Then she brought her arms into the dance. The cloak was thrown back, like a cape, and her pale nudity reflected the moonlight as she turned, swaying, her arms weaving the lighter sounds of his music into the dance.

Her spin brought her around to face him again and he watched her, lost in the passion of his music, her full breasts swaying as she danced, her nipples erect. His song spiralled and the need escalated, became a tangible thing. Her hips reflected the music, began to shake, slowly at first, increasing in speed as the music rose, faster and faster, her hips shivered in front of him, her black pubic hair a glistening triangle. Her hands raised to her throat and the cloak fell behind her.

Letting the song wind down, he set the lute aside and rose. Her steps still graceful, she danced to him as the song faded. She knelt before him, pale skin shining in the night as they came together. He kissed her deeply and she moaned against his mouth. He kissed her neck, her shoulder, worked his way down to her perfect breasts... a halfling could be smothered by a rack of this size! No matter, he had the spirit of an adventurer and was up for the challenge! Using both hands and his mouth, he tamed her breasts; her nipples responding to his tongue, his pinching fingers. Her chest heaved as he buried his face in her cleavage.

Delphine's hands tore at his shirt, hurriedly baring his lightly furred, well muscled chest for her caresses as he kissed and licked her breasts. "Lower, my love," she panted, "kiss me lower."

He'd heard Srith, an elf from the academy, speak of this once... he had asked questions and thought he knew what to do... No biting, lots of kissing and when you find the little pearl, be gentle! were the instructions Srith gave.

He kissed lower, bending down, kissed down her taut stomach, his lips brushing her soft nest of hair. He kissed her harder, through her hair and she started to rise. He panicked for a moment... was that wrong? Then he understood when she stood before him and pulled him up. Now he was right at a perfect height for the nether kissing, as Srith called it. Stepping forward he buried his face between her legs kissing and licking, gently searching for the pearl. A tune played through his head as he kissed and the words formed in his mind... Hunting the treasures behind your eyes, seeking the gemstone between your thighs.

As if the unspoken words were magic, he found it and she gasped. Gently now, he thought and he teased her pearl the way he teased his music, coaxing her cries from her the way he coaxed music from his instruments. She had his head in her hands, trapping him between her thighs and he felt a deluge of wetness on his mouth, dripping off his chin and onto his chest. She shivered above him and pulled his head free.

"Did that please you, my beautiful one?" he asked, looking up, she towered over him.

"Oh yes, like no other," she replied breathily, "but now I wish to please you." She lowered herself before him, on her hands and knees, lowering more... being tall for a halfling is still really short for a human.

Delphine pulled at his breeches until he was as naked as she. She gasped when she saw his size, he was unusually large for a halfling, his none too bright parents had sent him to the herbalist as a child thinking something was wrong.

She took his cock in her mouth and he groaned. Halflings couldn't ever get him all the way down but humans could. Humans and half-elves and half-orcs and... and by the glories of the Gods, she used her tongue to tease his sack while he was pushed into her throat, her lips pressed against his pubic hair. He stroked her hair softly and hummed a song about love while she worked to stop himself from cumming too quickly.

She combined a moan with a lick, added a twist and he nearly came again. "Bless the Gods, woman, I'm not made of stone!" he groaned, trying to pull her off his cock, "I have a wish to feel the rest of you!"

She smiled up at him and stopped, lifting her lips to meet his. "Then feel me, my love," she breathed between kisses, kneeling on hands and knees before him. He stepped around her, running his hand down her spine as he moved. He broke contact long enough to move a flat stone that looked the right size...

He climbed atop the stone and lay his hands on her round backside. She shivered and wiggled her ass in response. His cock was dancing inches away, straining to be inside her once again. His hands pulled her back towards him, guided her back until his cock pressed against her soft nether lips. Her sigh turned to a deep moan as he slid all the way inside.

He gloried in her feel, like smooth silk, no, like wet velvet... no, that wasn't it either. Smoother than silk, softer than velvet, I explore the depths of thee. She filled him with inspiration while he filled her with cock. Full red lips, beneath rosey cheeks, I bid you taste of me.

He plunged inside her, giving her every inch he had. She moaned and pushed against him, panting as she was taken. He was so close, he was throbbing with need as he plowed her. But she had to come again... she hadn't said anything, but he had a rule, Always leave them wanting more. Whether applied to the women in his bed or those listening to him entertain, it was a good rule. Leaning forward as he plied his long strokes, he reached around and became a treasure hunter again. He used his fingers as he had used his mouth earlier, deftly, gently. Quickly, he found her gem again. She was slick with her juices, he could still taste her delicious wetness on his tongue, moreso when he licked his lips, his chin.

His fingers played a sensual song of passion and release while his cock laid down the rhythm. Her cries amplified, become more urgent, more wild and then he felt her release. She flooded him as he thrust inside her, her pussy spasming as his cock throbbed with his own need for release. She moaned and cried his name, "Yes, Justin, oh, Gods, yes!"

She was still shivering on his cock, he was ready to explode, trying to hold off. Then her hands was on his sack, just lightly brushing it with fingertips as he thrust inside her. She squeezed a little and it was over, he could wait no longer. He buried himself as deeply as he could, every inch inside her shivering wetness and he exploded, spreading his seed deep inside her. They both cried out together with his throbbing release.

He kissed her soft back as they finished and they collapsed together on his stolen blanket. Giving her sips of wine, feeding her berries and comparing her to the various flowers he'd pilfered, always to her benefit, of course, they spent much of the night together. Finally dawn approached and they were forced to say their goodbyes.

"This must not be our final meeting, Justin," she said gravely, "you must go forth and live your life, but you must return to me whenever you pass near the Crossroads."

"Delphine, my Beauty of the Crossroads," he replied, "duty may lead me elsewhere but my heart shall always lead me back to you. Worry not for me and be concerned with Thumbolk!"

"Ah, fear not, he will sleep until midmorning - I gave him a draught!" she laughed. Then, becoming serious once more, "Do return to me Justin, whenever you can."

"But of course, my lady!" he promised and played the song for her that their lovemaking had inspired. He skipped the words, though, they'd do better in a bawdy tavern than in her ears!

They made it back to Thumbolk's Tavern unseen and shortly afterward with a spring in his step and and ear to ear grin, he left for his first job as an adventurer... keeping those guards in line. Who knew what life on the road would bring? Danger maybe, music and women surely. And he was ready. After all, he thought to himself, picturing Delphine's boobs, when you're a halfling, all rewards are huge!

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Auction pictures: white fishnet top

There are two big reasons why I think you'll enjoy this picture! Isn't fishnet the absolute best? Especially when it's doing very little to hide my big, natural boobs! My pictures always turn out so much better when taken outdoors, don't you think?
My big, natural boobs in a white fishnet top outdoors
This top was great; it looked fantastic under a suit jacket for work and even better as I'm wearing it in this picture... no jacket and no bra. Just fishnet and boobs.


Thursday, December 27, 2018

Thursday bondage: exposing the cherry crotch tie

For my bondage entry this week I have a cool tie to share with you and, to change things up, it's not a tie I've practiced on my feet, lol. This time I have pictures from learning a crotch tie called exposing the cherry. To make the pictures even more fun, I'm topless!
A crotch tie on PeppermintPanty using jute rope doesn't hide big boobs
This tie was a little difficult to do on myself but I think it turned out nicely.
Peppermint Panty learned how to do the exposing the cherry crotch tie
And one final picture of me in the exposing the cherry crotch tie, with a low camera angle so you can get a nice look at my boobs from below. My apologies for the somewhat blurry pictures... taking pictures of yourself while in bondage is even more difficult than tying yourself up is!
This Shibari crotch tie picture from beneath shows my big boobs

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Nude outdoors for Christmas

Merry Christmas! I truly hope that you have a wonderful holiday! Because today is Christmas, I'm sure you have lots to do, so I'm going to keep this extra short and share a couple pictures of me. This first picture is of me in a cute little plaid skirt and sheer top that does little to hide my big, natural boobs.
My sheer top does little to hide my big, natural boobs
This next one is even more fun because I took off everything but my thigh highs and boots. Mostly nude is good, right?
 Peppermint Panty is nude outdoors for Xmas!
Merry Christmas! XoXoX-Dawn

Monday, December 24, 2018

Erotic story: The Ticket by Scarlet F.

Happy Christmas Eve to all of my friends that celebrate! When I was little, my parents would let us open one gift on Christmas Eve. Thanks to Scarlet F, I can continue the tradition with an early Christmas present for you! Scarlet F has shared a sexy erotic story about a police officer who is kind enough to help a nice young lady out of a ticket... cheers to all of the officers out there that protect and serve us civilians! 😉

The Ticket, an erotic story by Scarlet F.

The gym doors opened with a creak. Outlined from the sun a solitary figure entered the large area and walked towards the group doing aerobics. The heavy tramping of boots could be heard quite audibly as the figure walked towards the group. As he approached it was obvious that a police officer was approaching. His frame was commanding and he approached as if on a mission. As he approached the collective group the instructor, Jen, stopped. "May I help you officer?"

I scanned the group of students all clad in workout gear until my eyes lifted to the instructor. Her radiant visage was beyond compare. I looked hungarily at her hot body clad only in a sports bra and skimpy tight shorts. I did have a mission and I had to get it done. I stopped and stated only this, "I need a word with the instructor. Sorry to disrupt your class". I turned and walked towards the offices and stopped waiting for Jen to lead me. I noted that the clock showed the class was almost over... I didn't feel bad, I knew what I had in mind.

Jen grabbed her towel slinging it over her neck wiping her face. She dismissed the class rapidly and led me to a secluded office. I entered and she followed locking the door behind her. "I've been waiting for you...." she whispered. I said nothing but moved towards her grabbing her roughly and pressed my lips against hers. She wrapped her arms around me and I held her tightly.

"I missed you lovely lady....a lot" I ran my finger down her arms and around to her hips. I'd come with very important business on my mind and began to do that. I reached down and and began to suck on her sweaty neck. I moved quickly expecting submission. This was what I expected...this was what I got. I worked down her taunt body to her scanty sports bra. I circled my lips on the light fabric around her nipples which raised in expectation. With my index finger I lifted the cloth and allowed her full breasts to break free. I held her breasts and lifted them together to my awaiting lips.

Flicking my tongue accross her nipples I glanced upwards and watched as her head tipped back in pleasure. I lowered my armor clad body to my knees as I held her breasts. Licking her midsection as I go. I reach her damp shorts and place my nose against her soft pussy. Smelling the sweet fragrance I purr "ummmm.... I like this...." I push my nose in and exhale warm moist air. My hands reach down for the firm ass which I grasp strongly. Holding her against me so she can't get away.

I then slowly pull down the stretchy fabric and remove her shorts exposing the tender full pussy lips begging to be kissed. My tongue extends and I flick the lips with my wet lips as the tongue probes her inner reaches. I push her soft thighs apart to gain better access. My tongue parts the soft lips and goes up to the hood of her clit. I find the soft member and suckle it softly. I draw it in and release it from my mouth. For several minutes I rub and suck.... rub and suck.... until I begin to feel Dee climax in my mouth. Her juices flow freely onto my awaiting face and I lap eagerly at the moisture.

Jen shivers in the orgasm and I rise to my feet. I unzip my fly and pull out my engorged cock damp in its own fluids. The cock springs out as it is released from its bonds. I take Jen by the arm and move her to the desk. I sweep it clean with a swift movement and place her on her chest on the desk. Her sweet ass is presented in a beautiful picture and I circle around behind her.

"Oooohhhh.... very nice, Jen...." I rub the ass cheeks softly in small circles and let my cock move accross both cheeks. My head trails liquid accross the cheeks and slips into the crack tracing her anus and lower pussy lips. "Are you ready, Jen?"

"Yes, baby... I'm yours, take me, officer!" I push her warm cheeks open exposing her lovely tunnel. I move forward and my turgid cock enters to the head inside of her. She quivers as do I and the heat is remarkable. I move the head of my cock along the inner walls and quickly push the entire length in. Heat overwhelms me as the heat of Jen consumes me in a passionate embrace. I squeeze in to her soft folds until my balls are held tight against the front of her pussy.

I pull back quickly.... and push in deeply. My ass pumps me constantly inside of Jen.... I stroke hard and repeatedly allowing the pleasure to run over me as Jen's juices run freely over my cock. The deeper I push the more she notices I'm still fully clad in my gunbelt. I move swiftly and with determination. For several minutes my stroking is fast and determined. I feel Jen tighten as another orgasm comes over her. The juices continue to pour over my stiff cock and I purr with excitement as my own begins to mount.

I lean into her as my strokes build.... I feel the heat well up in my balls.... knowing that I am about to explode. "Jen.... I'm going to cum...." A look of pleasure comes over my face as my cock slams in. Once, twice, thrice more and my cock errupts in a mounted orgasm. Cum pours forth as I empty myself.... giving myself up....

I strain against the opposing forces pulling me in and drawing me out. Juices pour forth as my cock continues to rock back and forth.... the pleasure causes me to be dizzy.... I hold her ass for support.

As my climax subsides I push myself completely in allowing the mixed cum to cover my balls. I lay upon Jen's back as she rested on the desk. For several moments I rest and then pull back and out. Jen raises to her feet and I turn her around. Brushing the hair from her eyes I hold her chin up. I give her a soft kiss on her lips and I ask "....did you have a parking ticket I needed to take care of?" A devilish grin covers my face as I spy it on the floor. I step back and compose myself placing my soaked cock back into my pants. Lifting the ticket I tell her softly "....don't worry about this..." I turn quickly and walk to the door pausing suddenly. I do not turn around but she hears me exhale and begin to speak.

"If I do not leave now.... I will not leave. Please don't worry, you haven't seen the last of me yet. I will be back." I turn and look, my eyes taking in the beautiful sight of her naked body.... "God you are beautiful." I open the door and leave without another word.
The Scarlet F... storyteller extraordinaire

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Watch it! Bottom episode Holy

We may have lost Rik Mayall a few years ago, bless his spirit, but he will always be a part of my holiday tradition.

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of seeing it, Bottom is a British sitcom that ran from 1991 - 1995 starring Rik Mayall as Richie and Ade Edmondson as Eddie, two roommates trying to get by without doing anything. More than 20 years later, Bottom is still an absolute riot. Filled with dark, slapstick comedy, each episode is better than the last.

One episode is perfect for this time of year, season 2 episode 5, Holy. This is the Bottom Christmas episode and we get to spend the day with Richie and Eddie at their flat in Hammersmith, London, beginning with Richie dressed up as Santa with gifts for himself and Eddie. The day proceeds without tv until the Queen's speech, making Christmas dinner, having guests (including Christopher Ryan who played Mike on the Young Ones), playing party games and finding a baby on their doorstep.
Gold, Frankenstein and Grr!
This is dark comedy and plenty sacrilegious, so be forewarned, this show may not be to your liking. For myself, this show is just dark enough and a great addition to my holiday watch list. If you're a little twisted like me, enjoy this episode of Bottom, Holy, on dailymotion.

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Watch it! Christmas in Connecticut

Are you in THE SPIRIT, or is the unceasing Christmas music driving you to drink? Since we're coming down the home stretch of the holidays I decided to talk about a romantic comedy starring Barbara Stanwyk from 1945 that may help lighten the mood... Christmas in Connecticut.
Christmas in Connecticut starring beautiful and talented Barbara Stanwyk
Elizabeth Lane (Barbara Stanwyk) has a long running "Diary of a Housewife" column in a popular magazine about cooking and her life on a farm in Connecticut. Everything is going perfectly until her publisher wants to come visit her farm for a traditional Christmas weekend with a war hero. The hero has a nurse that has arranged the holiday thinking he'll want to marry her if he gets a taste of family life. Unfortunately, Elizabeth doesn't actually live a family life... she can't even cook!

To keep her job she must keep up her story and Elizabeth needs to find a home in the country, a cook, a husband and a baby! Luckily her friend that's been trying to convince her to marry him has a farm in Connecticut, her friend the chef will do the cooking and the housekeeper at the farm watches children. Everything is all set... until the weekend starts and everything begins going wrong. And keeps going wrong. And that's where the movie goes right.

Christmas in Connecticut isn't my normal fare; a light and fluffy Christmas film with a cute plot (insert gagging motions here). But Stanwyk's comedic timing is perfect. She takes what would have been a cheesy "Hallmark Movie" from the 40's and makes it a classic. And it's a great one to break up the stop motion animation films!

By the way, I hear there's a remake of this movie from the 90's and, like most remakes, I hear it's best to avoid it. Enjoy the holidays!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Nude outdoors for the Winter Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Also known as Yule(tide) or Midwinter; this is a time for introspection, planning for the future and, of course, the return of the sun. Hooray! Seeing as this is the shortest day of the year, I found a few pictures to help you enjoy the longest night of the year!
PeppermintPanty shows her big natural boobs while nude outdoors
I like to go outdoors on the Sabbats, being close to nature on the solstices and equinoxes is important to me.
Nude outdoors on the Winter Solstice
Yes, I absolutely was cold! It was in the low 30's that day but luckily it wasn't windy!
Naked outdoors
Have a fantastic Winter Solstice and may your year be blessed with health, happiness and abundance!


Thursday, December 20, 2018

Thursday Bondage: double column wrap

This week I'd like to share the pictures I took while learning how to tie a double coupon wrap. This is a great way to keep your friend restrained, there won't be any slipping free from this one!

A note for any of you that really don't like feet... hit the back button on your browser now, or you're going to see feet! Granted, you'll see MY feet, which are pretty darn cute. Especially my toes... I have adorable little toes! So without further preamble, I give you pictures of my ankles bound in the double column wrap.
Legs are bound at the ankles with jute rope using a double coulmn wrap
See what I mean? They're pretty cute right? Not perfect, of course, but cute. Here's another picture of the same tie from the back.
The double column wrap binds my ankles and exposes my heels, soles and toes
As always I hope you enjoy my pictures and look forward to hearing from you - I love feedback!


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Random thoughts: Baby, it's Cold Outside

So, I don't like this song. From the first time I heard it I didn't like it. You may have grown up with it, and it was just innocent, harmless flirting of the 40's - I get it. But allow me to go over the lyrics and explain why I dislike this song...
My thoughts on Baby it's Cold Outside
Baby it's Cold Outside written by Frank Loesser

(The female lyrics gets the parenthesis, naturally.)

(I really can't stay) But, baby, it's cold outside
(I've got to go away) But, baby, it's cold outside
(This evening has been) Been hoping that you'd drop in
(So very nice) I'll hold your hands they're just like ice

Our female singer has very diplomatically stated that she enjoyed their time together but it is now time to leave. Our male singer is trying to entice her to stay... look, sweetie, I've got heat and I want you to stay. So far, this is a totally acceptable singing date, so long as the next line he sings is "I'll call you a cab."

(My mother will start to worry) Beautiful, what's your hurry
(My father will be pacing the floor) Listen to the fireplace roar
(So really I'd better scurry) Beautiful, please don't hurry
(Well, maybe just half a drink more) Put some records on while I pour

Uh-oh, our male singer just made this creepy. After "my mother will start to worry," he should have responded with "I'll tell that cab to hurry," however, it only gets worse. Our female singer is either feeling pressured into staying or decides that this is a good way to flirt. This is a good time to point out to women that 'no means yes' is not the way to flirt. Relationships are confusing enough, say what you mean and mean what you say.

(The neighbors might think) Baby, it's bad out there
(Say what's in this drink) No cabs to be had out there
(I wish I knew how) Your eyes are like starlight now
(To break this spell) I'll take your hat, your hair looks swell

What about her reputation? This is the 40's and she's at this man's apartment alone, she clearly states this... or flirts this - how could we possibly know for sure?

"Say what's in this drink?" Let's look at this innocently, that she has wanted to stay the whole time and in order to maintain her reputation she must blame the alcohol. Innocently, let's say the only thing in her drink is her drink. Or maybe it's a very strong drink and she has a low tolerance. If we look at it not so innocently, this dude just Cosby'd her drink! Whatever the case may be, this date is not going well. Again, this is NOT the way to flirt. Men (and women), if your date is drunk or has had their inhibitions affected by drugs or alcohol, you should not proceed. Make sure your date arrives home safely and pick things up at a more sober time in the future.

(I ought to say no, no, no, sir) Mind if I move in closer
(At least I'm gonna say that I tried) What's the sense of hurting my pride
(I really can't stay) Baby, don't hold out  [Both] Baby, it's cold outside

(I simply must go) But, baby, it's cold outside
(The answer is no) But, baby, it's cold outside
(The welcome has been) How lucky that you dropped in
(So nice and warm) Look out the window at the storm

Okay you two, take a class in communication... your skills are lacking. Our possibly drugged, at the very least buzzed, woman starts to give in to his incessant advances before coming back to her senses. Seriously, this guy is as obsessed as Sam I Am. Look dude, she has told you clearly and emphatically that she doesn't want your damn green eggs and ham... walk her home, call her a cab, at the very least, open the door.

(My sister will be suspicious) Gosh your lips look delicious
(My brother will be there at the door) Waves upon a tropical shore
(My maiden aunt's mind is vicious) Gosh your lips are delicious
(But maybe just a cigarette more) Never such a blizzard before

"Your lips look delicious"? This is turning into Dahmer: the Musical. Listen lady, unless you're lighting that cigarette with the intention of putting it out in his eye, you'd best plan your escape. Sing about needing to use the bathroom and see if there's a fire escape... sing about him fixing you another drink and bolt for the door... just run!

(I've got to get home) But, baby, you'd freeze out there
(Say lend me a coat) It's up to your knees out there
(You've really been grand) I thrill when you touch my hand
(But don't you see) How can you do this thing to me

"How can you do this thing to me" Wait! What? Did you hire her from an escort service? Did you prearrange some form of exchange... dinner and a duet for sex? No? Then open the door. Whether you think she's sober and flirting or drunk and likely to regret it tomorrow... open the door. Even if you have hired her for her services, if she says she wants to go - OPEN THE DOOR.

(There's bound to be talk tomorrow) Think of my life long sorrow
(At least there will be plenty implied) If you caught pneumonia and died
(I really can't stay) Get over that hold out

"Think of my life long sorrow, if you caught pneumonia and died" Perhaps this is just me being dramatic but that sounds like a veiled threat! Meanwhile she's still singing her intention to leave. Well over half of her lines have clearly stated she has no desire to stay and only a few lines sung during a possible drugging have alluded to her staying. What is up with you, Pepé Le Pew? Get some help. See a therapist. You're a danger to society. Your singing partner hasn't given clear enough consent for you to proceed.

[Both] Baby, it's cold outside

Seriously, you two? You're going ahead with the sex... with no clear consent. I propose we replace the original final verse with this one:

(My safe word is 'harder') I don't even have one
(Please use a condom) I definitely don't have one
[Both] Baby, it's cold outside

Follow this link to enjoy Baby, it's Cold Outside in its original innocent-and-totally-not-date-rapey beauty.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Topless Tuesday: on the bike path

I used to live right next to a great bike path. It stretches for miles and miles, crosses a river and ends at a beach. It was a great place to go for a walk and take topless and nude pictures. In fact, the first nude picture on this previous post was taken at a different spot on this same path. I think this bridge was my favorite spot on the path.
Topless outdoors on the bike path
The day I took this picture was chilly... warm for Michigan but a bit cold for being topless. However, I feel that no matter the temperature, it's always good to feel the sun and breeze on my boobs.


Saturday, December 15, 2018

Watch it! Rifftrax: Star Wars Holiday Special

You already know that I have an uncomfortable relationship with Christmas but you may not have known that I have an odd love of bad movies and shows. I think I may have picked it up from watching so much Mystery Science Theater 3000. It was a sad day when they weren't renewed... and a sadder when it was brought back again in 2017 with Jonah Ray. But before that happened, in 2006 Rifftrax came along... and they're fantastic, just jokes overlayed on bad movies; they've done away with the puppets, silhouettes and host segments.
 George Lucas on the Star Wars Holiday Special.
Luckily Rifftrax got their hands on a Betamax copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) and gave it a much-deserved riffing. I have no idea what the creators of this holiday special were thinking... it's absolutely insane. Horri-BAD. The Rifftrax version of it is essential - it is unwatchable without the jokes.

I wasn't exaggerating when I said it was insane. Allow me to elaborate:

  • Imperial forces push Chewbacca's family around while he and Han Solo try to make it to Kashyyyk in time for Life Day. The Wookies have no lines, no subtitles, just that odd Wookie grunt-moaning.
  • Art Carney is a merchant, and secretly a Rebel, who helps Chewie's family evade the Imperials. He's part of the comic relief.
  • There's a holographic not-quite Cirque de Soliel Life Day gift for Chewie's son Lumpy... yes, Chewbacca named his kid Lumpy.
  • Mark Hamill (wearing way too much makeup) and R2D2 check in for Life Day, doing the ship repair bit.
  • Diahann Carroll sings a sexy song to a malformed, elderly wookie.
  • Harvey Corman plays a multi-armed Julia Childs-like tv chef, an android in an instructional video and a love-struck alien and is somehow completely un-funny throughout.
  • This is the first introduction of Boba Fett... via cartoon.
  • The Jefferson Starship sings a very lengthy song in holograph form.
  • Bea Arthur is the new bartender at the Mos Eisley Cantina which is being shut down by Imperial forces and only her musical number can induce the patrons to leave.
  • Carrie Fisher and C-3PO are there, too. She even sings a Life Day song at the end.
  • Somehow, Jar Jar Binks isn't involved this travesty.

  • All in all, the Star Wars Holiday Special is about 2 hours worth of made for tv movie meets variety show. Truly insane but absolutely hysterical with Mike, Kevin and Bill making jokes throughout. See for yourself: Watch Rifftrax Star Wars Holiday Special!

    Friday, December 14, 2018

    Auction pictures: micro fishnet bodysuit & ebay star

    Sometimes I go into my closet and it's overflowing with sexy and sheer tops and lingerie. That's when I sign into ebay and clean out my closet! Of course, back in the day, selling on ebay was easier. They weren't such prudes. I mean, what is up with hiding the adult section at the very end of Everything Else? Furthermore, why can't you access that section from the phone app? Ridiculous.

    Anyhow, here is a picture of me wearing the sexy micro fishnet bodysuit (say that five times fast) that was one of my first auctions. Very sexy. Very sheer. Very hard to say five times fast.
    Micro fishnet does little to hide my big natural boobs
    And here is another one of me after I'd received 50 positive feedback. Ebay gives you a silly little certificate to print out... yessir, framed that little beauty and put her up on the mantle, lol! Not really! But I did take a picture with it wearing only my boots and a pair of panties!
    Every Friday I'll be posting pictures from my old auctions or new ones. I need a snappy title for this and I'm coming up blank. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear it! Comment, or contact me through the blog or @PeppermintPanty on Twitter.


    Thursday, December 13, 2018

    Thursday bondage: single column tie

    Lately I've been getting into rope bondage. I really want to tie my guys down and play with them. Something about having a man tied and restrained - not so I can be cruel, although a little light spanking and teasing is fun, but so I can really please him. If I'm not in control of the situation, especially when it comes to giving oral, it's over too soon. If I'm in control, I can draw it out, get him close over and over and over and then let him finish. Mmmm!

    But I digress... I'm learning rope bondage and the best way to learn is by practicing on yourself. Since I can't practice a tie on my wrists (tying your own hands makes it really hard to tie, lol!) I tie my feet and ankles. This week I learned the how to do a single column tie on myself. By the way, if you're grossed out by feet, you'll want to hit that back button on your browser!

    Single column tie with natural jute rope


    PS: What do you think about the title? I went with 'Thursday Bondage' but how about 'Tied Down Thursday'? Any other ideas?

    Wednesday, December 12, 2018

    Erotic art: kiss

    This drawing was the first drawing I had done for a couple years. It's a pencil on paper drawing of two women kissing... I think it turned out pretty well.

    After doing a few drawings over the winter I wanted to try digital art but I am not making the adjustment. Perhaps if I tried a tablet style I'd have more luck... thoughts for another day! I hope you enjoy my drawing and please let me know if you have any requests and I'll do my best!

    XoXoX- Dawn

    Tuesday, December 11, 2018

    Topless Tuesday: two big handfuls

    You may be wondering... two big handfuls of what? In case you haven't already figured it out: two big handfuls of boobs... and boob pics! That's what you'll see on this blog, along with nudes, bondage, exhibitionism, stories and more.
    Keep in touch and let me know what you like, don't like and what you want to see more of. I love feedback!


    Monday, December 10, 2018

    Erotic story: Closing Time at the Library

    Peppermint Panty's erotic stories
    It was just another ordinary day at the library; a few people doing research, the smell of books and the fluorescent lights humming overhead. All my work was done and I’d lost interest in my book three hours ago. Chin in my hand, staring off at nothing, I’m jolted back to awareness.

    “I’m sorry,” I say blushing, “I must have been daydreaming,” and perhaps I still am, what a looker this one is… he makes me wish I had a less conservative job! Long dark hair, tall and fit with beautiful eyes. They seem to shift between golden brown and green depending on the angle of the light. His eyes really are quite hypnotizing. I realize that I’m grinning my mischievous I-want-you grin and I attempt to compose myself.

    "No problem” he replies, “I'm looking for reference material.” He smiles back at me and having noticed my reaction to him he blatantly runs his eyes down to my chest while he elaborates on his query.

    A breast man, I think, smiling, I’ve just the thing for him! “Of course I can help you find what you want… follow me.”

    As I lead him through the deserted stacks we chat a little as we study each other. I’d love to say more but I have to restrain myself because of my job. I’m already pushing the limits of "proper" behavior with my flirting and preening. We quickly arrive at the appropriate shelf. Kneeling down to get the book I take the opportunity to study more of him… nice, very nice.

    “Here’s your book,” I tell him rising slowly so he has ample time to enjoy my cleavage. “If there’s anything else I can help you with, let me know… but we close in 20 minutes.”

    “Thanks, I won’t be long.” He promises, taking the book to the tables.

    Resuming my post at the front desk I see the few people that were studying here have packed up. There’s only one straggler left but she’s headed toward the door now. I won’t have to kick anyone out tonight, that’s always a relief. I start cleaning up and getting ready to leave for the day.

    Just as I’m finishing cleaning up he comes back up front. “Did you find everything you wanted?” I ask with a grin, leaning over the desk to best display my… assets.

    “Well, now I have” he replies, admiring the view. “Too bad you’re closing,” he says, brushing a fingertip along my breast as he returns the reference book.

    His fingertip sends shivers through my body, I can feel my nipples responding to his touch. Ohhh, yes… “Perhaps that’s not a bad thing,” I reply, just a bit breathless. His response is a smile that makes my knees weak. “Let me lock up, then I can show you my office.”

    I scan the library to be sure it’s empty except for us and lock the doors. “Follow me," I say, starting towards my office, "it’ll be more fun this time,” I elaborate with a wink as I lead him through the library.

    “Here we are,” I say, closing the door to my private office behind us. As I begin unbuttoning my shirt he says nothing, just watching quietly as I undo each tiny button, revealing more and more of my generous breasts. “Help me finish,” I tell him. He comes close to me, unbuttoning my blouse the rest of the way. It falls to the office floor leaving me in just my bra and skirt. He runs his hands over my breasts, feeling their firmness and weight, feeling my hardened nipples beneath the lacy fabric, caressing them with his strong hands.

    I can’t stop myself from touching him. I feel his firm body beneath his clothes. Reaching up under his shirt, I feel his soft skin. Mmmm, firm and soft, so perfect. I can feel him reaching behind me, struggling a bit with the bra closure. I giggle a bit... bras for breasts this big have at least 4 snaps! He’s determined though and in no time my bra slips to the floor - if a 38DD bra can be said to slip anywhere.

    “Much better,” he says and I nearly purr from the way he strokes my breasts. My hands slip down and I find proof that he’s a breast man. Feeling his hardness makes me think… where did I put that lotion?

    I pull him deeper into my office so I can reach my desk. My lotion is in the top drawer…

    “Sit here,” I tell him, pointing to my chair. He reaches back up as he settles in my leather office chair, squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples. I lower my chest to him so he can put his mouth on me.

    As he plays with my breasts, burying his face in my cleavage, stroking and licking, caressing and kissing; I undo his pants taking his beautiful cock out. What a lovely piece; it’ll feel so good between my breasts!

    Squeezing lotion into my hand, he takes his mouth from my nipple, pulls off his pants and leans back to watch while slowly striking his hardness. I spread the lotion onto my breasts, making them nice and slick for him. Lowering myself down to my knees in front of him, I rub a little lotion onto his straining dick just in case there isn’t enough on my breasts.

    He moans softly as I wrap my breasts around his cock. Slowly I move up and down so he can feel the warmth and softness of my breasts. I feel him stiffening further as I wiggle my boobs on his shaft.

    I slide my breasts up and down on him, changing my speed… faster, taking him close to cumming and then slower, so he won't. I love the sound of his lowered breathing. There’s almost a little pant to it as I stroke him up and down, up and down with my beautiful titties. Feeling his hard cock sliding between my breasts is making my little pussy very hot and very wet.

    I love the way his cock looks, swollen and slick with oil, sliding between my tits. I don’t think he can take much more of this; his cock is so hard, I can feel it throbbing between my breasts. His breathing is more of a whimper and he whispers to me, “Please, I have to cum…”

    “Mmmm, yes… cum for me” I tell him working his cock between my slick breasts. I move in a faster rhythm, squeezing them together hard, then soft… then a little faster. His hands grip my forearms, squeezing me as I service his cock.

    “Yes... now,” he says, groaning as he releases me, favoring the arms of my leather office chair with a white-knuckled grip.

    I keep my breasts moving on him, “Yes cum for me,” I tell him and within seconds I feel his cock throbbing hard and his hot cum spraying my chest and neck, slicking me up more as I continue to work his beautiful shaft until he’s cum every last drop.

    He’s spent, so I sit up and rub his cum slowly all over my breasts and nipples. I keep playing with my cum-covered breasts as I enjoy watching him get dressed. "It’s good for your skin you know," I say looking up at him, still hot from rubbing this mans spunk all over my big titties.

    I love my job!

    Saturday, December 08, 2018

    Read it! I, Zombie by Hugh Howey

    The holidays are upon us again, and much like a ravenous hoard of zombies, there's no easy way to escape... sure, you may make it out alive but you'll have scars. So in honor of the holidays, let's talk about I, Zombie.
    I, Zombie by Hugh Howey
    Hugh Howey has written a truly unique story. The tale unfolds during an outbreak in New York City and is told through the eyes of several different... zombies. I was going to say people, and perhaps I still should as a human consciousness is trapped inside each of the undead, blurring the line between monster and victim.

    Each zombie experiences the outbreak differently.  One thought she was the only one "conscious", another that she was paying for her sins, while another fought to master control over her unresponsive zombie shell. Child and adult, native New Yorker and tourist, black and white, junkie and prepper... they all tell the same story. Trapped now as the walking dead, just as they were trapped before in their "normal" human existence.

    His writing is awesome, as descriptive of the tortures of the mind as he is of the tortures of the flesh. I, Zombie is a tale of warning against complacency in our daily lives that we should all be wary of. If you can handle the gory descriptions, several parts had me cringing, this is a must read. Check it out from your local library today!

    Friday, December 07, 2018

    A little about me... with sexy pictures!

    You may know me as Dawn(y), MrsDawn, RedGirl101 or the naughty librarian... I've collected a lot of user names. Some of you have been my friends for over 20 years... and what a fun 20 years it has been!
    Peppermint Panty nude outdoors
    Since the day I got Prodigy internet at 21 I've posted sexy topless, nude and downright naughty pictures and videos of myself online. I've even had a couple amateur websites but I always get tired of the technical hassle. To avoid the nuisance this will be my new home for posting hot pics, as well as my erotic stories, drawings and random musings. The dirty stuff is going somewhere else. ;) I truly hope you enjoy my pictures and stories as much as I enjoy sharing them with you!
    Peppermint Panty topless
    Sex is a big part of my life, but not the only thing about me. Vanilla me loves meditating, practicing tai chi, the Wheel of Time series, anything by Vonnegut, B&W sci-fi & horror movies, D&D, Rifftrax, classic mst3k and, until they shut down and broke my heart, playing Wildstar.
    Peppermint Panty is topless wearing nothing but her panties outdoors
    I hope to hear from you, please comment, email or DM. Be sure to bookmark me and follow me on Twitter @PeppermintPanty!