Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Drawing of a squirrel

A lot of people consider squirrels a nuisance... I think they're adorable. Big eyes, fluffy tails and adorable little hands... how can you not like them? (Cue internet trolls to talk about killing and eating squirrels.) They are extra nimble rats with fancy coats. Yes, in case you were wondering, I like rats, too.
Isn't he cute? This picture was my first try with graphite and charcoal on bristol.


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Topless Tuesday: going for a drive

Today's topless Tuesday picture is a good one, it's of me going for a drive... topless. I miss that car, it was the best for topless drives. Why? Because it not only had big windows, the seatbelt lay just right across my boobs. Seatbelts can be very uncomfortable if you have big, natural boobs like I do!
Driving topless

Monday, January 14, 2019

Erotic fanfic: Figment of Nexus

It's been almost two months since NCSoft shut down the Wildstar servers and I'm still sad. [Rant about how upset this has made me has been omitted for clarity.] Instead of that, I'd rather share this erotic fanfic based on Wildstar that I wrote last year. I even did a quick sketch of Figment.
Figment of Nexus, pencil drawing of a nude Aurin from Wildstar mmorpg
I'd planned to do more with her, stories and drawings, before the server shutdown... perhaps I still will. A little birdie told me some people are working on a private server so there's always hope! Speaking of hope - I hope you enjoy my erotic fanfic:

Figment of Nexus

Figs followed stealthily, darting from tree to tree in a blink; her lithe figure a blur. The others already thought her different, spending her time in the parts of the Celestion frequented by humans but if they knew what she did out here...

She knelt beside a knotted heartwood tree in the path just ahead of him, she was stealthed, his human eyes did not see her and would not until she chose to reveal herself. Figs hadn't yet decided if she wanted to reveal herself to this one even though he was certainly her type. Her type was pretty simple: small to average human. Let's face it, she thought as a grin spread accross her face, all humans look alike! A laugh tinkled out of her, its high pitch sounding something like a bird. His grey eyes didn't see her as they vainly searched for the source of the sound.

She looked him over: he would be considered short and slight for a human male, wearing the lawman getup and leading a brown equivar. Everything about him was unremarkable, from his average nose to his mousey brown hair, but somehow to Figs he was magnificent.

"Mmmm..." she purred, licking her lips. She watched him move down the path towards the waterfall, her tail swishing lazily. She had to have this one.

Just as he rounded the turn she leapt from the path and raced directly through the brush to the waterfall, crushing a spirovine underfoot in her haste. She arrived quickly, stripped out of her clothing, stepped into the shallow stream and waded to the waterfall. Figs let the water run over her; it felt so very refreshing after her frantic run through the woods!

Stepping out from under the falls her cat shaped ears twitched she shook the water from her auburn hair; with most of the water out it hung in damp waves past her shoulders. The cool water lapped at her full breasts as she waded, watching the flitterflies frolic at the bank in the late afternoon sun. She'd fled Arboria, never once thinking she would prefer her new home on Nexus. Yes, she'd cried bitterly when forced to leave the only home she'd known (curse the Dominion forever!) but Figs was adaptable and quickly found a way to comfort herself in this strange new world. A slow smile played on her full lips as she thought of her latest diversion whom she could hear was getting closer.

Showtime! she thought, positioning herself to best show her slim curves as she dropped out of stealth. Another laugh almost escaped when she thought of that exotic phrase. It definitely wasn't used in Arboria, or even here in Celestion, she'd picked it up from that human with all the robots... Chad... no, Chet... wait... Brett? She couldn't recall now; humans had such funny names. He was an engineer and a scientist and an architect. So logical, but his logic didn't protect him from her passion. It also didn't help him against Grendelus the Guardian, come to think of it. Such is life on Nexus, she thought, at least he'd had a great afternoon before meeting his demise. Her smile was bittersweet.

As the human neared she put a surprised look on her face and stood, covering her breasts with her hands as her auburn tail wrapped around her hips to hide her soft mound. With her motion, he finally noticed her, drawing and aiming his pistols before realizing she was no threat.

Figs gasped and raised her hands over her head, uncovering her firm breasts. They were large and heavy with slightly upturned nipples that looked even larger than they were on her slim figure. His grey eyes locked on her chest for a few heartbeats before he slowly lowered his pistols and raised his wide eyes to meet hers. With her cat shaped ears, auburn hair and golden brown eyes, she brought to mind a fox; something most humans found irresistibly attractive.

"Apologies, ma'am," he spoke in a drawl, a flush staining his cheeks, "I surely didn't mean to..." He realized he was still starting at her nakedness and spun on his heel so quickly that he startled his mount. "Halon, here, well he was wantin' for some water," he said, soothing his equivar.

She lowered her hands to her sides. "I'm Figment Heartbreeze, Figs to my friends. Halon is welcome to as much water as he'd like, and you are as well; it's refreshing."

"Thank you, ma'am," he replied, leading his equivar to the bank, "I appreciate the kindness." He patted the creature fondly as it drank from the stream.

"He's a beautiful animal," Figs spoke slowly, wading out of the stream towards him. His back stiffened as she reached up and touched his shoulder. "Halon has everything he needs here," she purred, sliding her hand down his arm "why not relax a little Mr...?"

"Cedarshard, ma'am," he replied quietly, turning to face her, "Martyn Cedarshard."

"Oh!" she cried, bouncing on her toes, "What a delightful name!" She couldn't help smiling as she took him by the hand and drew him towards her. "Come into the water with me, Mr. Cedarshard."

"Martyn, ma'am," he replied, eyes darting from her golden eyes to her upturned nipples and back, "please call me Martyn."

"Certainly, Martyn," she replied slipping his jacket off his shoulders, "but you must call me Figs."

"It would only be proper, ma'am, I mean, Miss Figs," he said with a wink, pulling his jacket off and setting it aside before unbuttoning his shirt.

As he undressed, Figs stepped back to enjoy the show. Her hands gently stroked and teased her breasts as his shirt joined the jacket. His pistols were next. Her tail swished slowly as he unbuttoned his pants. She watched, hungrily. He was ready and she hadn't even really touched him yet. She could feel dampness between her legs that had nothing to do with the water.

"Come, Martyn," she reached out and took his hand, drawing him down into the water. She led him to the waterfall; despite their superior hologram technology, it was an experience most humans had never had. Like being with an Aurin, the thought made her grin.

"This is amazing, Miss Figs," he stepped out from the waterfall, "I ain't never seen nothin' like it."

Taking his hand, Figs smiled and placed it on her breast. He bent down to kiss her, using both his hands now to explore her breasts. He ran his hands down her sides, felt the subtle roundness of her hips, the firmness of her buttocks as the kiss went deeper. He pulled her close to him and she could feel his hardness pressed against her.

Running her hands down his sides, across his firm stomach, lower, she took his hard tool in her hand. He pulled away from the kiss and looked down at her... "You're awful forward, Miss Figs."

"Forward, yes," she giggled, looking up at him as she sank down to her knees, "but I wouldn't say awful." Holding her breath, she went underwater to take him in her mouth.

It's so big! she thought to herself as she worked his cock, holding her breath, taking care with her teeth. She came up for a breath and he pulled her up the rest of the way.

"I've got an idea, Miss Figs," he spoke breathily, lifting her easily and setting her on a smooth rock, despite his slight build. She just had a second to wonder why he'd put her up here and then he brought his mouth to her breasts, his lips and tongue licking, sucking, gently biting her nipples.

"You see, Miss Figs," he continued while kissing the undersides of her breasts, "I ain't never known an Aurin before." He kissed her flat belly, hands replacing his mouth on her breasts, "and I've often times wondered..."

His mouth was on her gently kissing her soft mound, lower down her thighs, then back up again. For the first time ever, Figs found herself speechless as he kissed between her legs.

This was so... different. By the Trees, this was amazing! None of her Aurin lovers had done this, nor any of the humans, either! He ran his tongue gently along her opening, tasting her. She whimpered.

"Mmm," he moaned against her, the vibrations making her gasp, "you sure taste good, Miss Figs."

He went back to what he was doing; kissing, licking, tasting. He found that special spot, and kissed it just right. She wrapped her legs around his shoulders, moaning. His hands caressed her breasts, her stomach, her sides, down her legs and back up again.

Tongue teasing, lips brushing, the pressure inside her building, building. Her hands grasp his head, fingers tangled in his wet hair. Whimpering. So close. His lips touching her. His tongue, so soft and hot, dipping inside taste her wetness... her entire body humming; the pressure, the sweet, unbearable pressure! Her tail stood out straight, her toes pointed; the sweet pressure!

"Pardon, Miss Figs," he said, lifting his head from between her legs, "but I'd sure love to feel ya."

"Yes," she panted, "take me, please."

He slid his shoulders out from under her legs and kissed her as he lifted her off the rock and pressed her body against his. He made her feel so small, so helpless. It felt so very odd, so very foreign... so very exciting!

Holding her by the hips, he lowered her down until his cock was just brushing the outside of her lips, she wiggled in his grasp, trying to slide her hips down, trying to get him inside of her. Her wetness dripped down on his shaft as she struggled.

"Please," she begged, looking up at him through thick lashes, "give it to me, Martyn, please!"

"Yes ma'am," he smiled, sliding her down lower so the head of his cock pushed against her swollen pussy, "happy to oblige." And then he slid her down further and further until he was completely inside her.

"Oof!" He was so big, so deep! She wiggled and moaned as he bounced her up and down on his cock. He moved slower at first, then faster as they moved together, grinding, thrusting, moaning.
Figs was almost there, just one more and...

"Ohhh!" Figs cried, "yes!" Her body quivered in time to the waves of pleasure running through her, moaning as he drove deep into her wetness until she hung limp in his arms.

"Miss Figs," he breathed, lifting her off his cock long enough to turn her around and penetrate her from behind while she perched on a rock.

He took her slowly, pulling out and rubbing the head of his cock across her drenched pussy, then sliding in deep and slow. Figs couldn't get enough and by the third thrust she was wriggling and bucking, trying to get him inside of her, tail swishing angrily. "More," she demanded. She wanted all of it.

He gave her all of it, he was so deep, so hard; she was so hot, so soft and wet. His hands were on her hips and rocked her in time to his thrusts. Her tail swatted the ground beside them in time with their movements. They were both moaning, panting, whimpering.

He froze, "Wait, Miss Figs," pulling away as she back up against him, grinding. "Miss Figs!" he panted, "We shouldn't... that is... I don't want to get you with littl'uns!"

Before she could reply - she didn't even think that was possible, he picked her up again and flipped her upside down. "Whaa...?" she started to ask and then her mouth was full. She could taste herself on his shaft, and all thoughts fled, "mmmm." She explored his length with her mouth.

He moved her tail aside and then his mouth was on her again. His tongue inside her, she moaned as she licked and tasted, sliding her head up and down his length, teasing, coaxing. Blood rushing to her head, she shifted to change her angle and took him all the way down, lips pressed against his body, his cock deep in her throat. Up and down, she worked his length. He grew harder; panting, thrusting and she knew she'd be drinking him soon.

"Mmmmm," she moaned on him, mouth filled, accustomed to being inverted now, trembling from his tongue inside her, shivering from the need to taste him!

His cock buried in her throat, his face buried in her sweet pussy, he was so close. Her tongue stroked him as he pushed against her throat, his tongue finding her pearl and teasing, kissing, licking. She moaned on his cock, quivering as he licked her. He tasted her as she came, she was so wet, this was so good.

The taste of her in his mouth, the feel of her hot and trembling body. Her lips, mouth, tongue... her throat... he was there.

"Ahhh," he breathed as his cock throbbed, spilling his seed deep in her throat. She swallowed him as he came and he groaned. She drank him, making little yummy noises until there was nothing left, until he set her back down on her feet.

Regaining her balance, Figs stood on trembling knees, smiling up at him. "Mr. Cedarshard," she breathed, "I'd like to give you directions to my Skyplot... and I hope you'll visit soon."

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Read it! A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Many years ago, my first time reading the book A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess was the American edition that didn't include the final chapter, which is the same version that Kubrick used for the film. I recently read the full version and enjoyed it much more, the last chapter brings the book full circle and gives it the closure that I felt the American release lacked.

We meet the main character, our humble narrator, Alex, a 15 year old sociopath a the Korova Milkbar, "What's it going to be then?" he asks his droogs, his gang. They all have an unhealthy liking for the ultra-violent... from drugs, theft, vandalism and beating random people to raping women and girls, Alex and his droogs are complete bloody bastards that need some good, repeated kicks in the yarbles. His only redeeming quality is his deep appreciation for classical music; however, even that is corrupted by Alex's sick mind.

Tiring of Alex, his gang sets him up during a burglary they planned and he starts learning what it's like to be the one wronged. Of course our young antihero doesn't gain any insight as he is beaten and imprisoned. After a couple years in jail he is allowed to play music on the stereo during the religious services and seems to take comfort reading the bible. Alex isn't finding faith, as the chaplain thinks, he reads it for the violence. Neither imprisonment or scripture has taught him anything, as we soon learn when he beats a cell mate to death.

Fully blamed for the murder, even though he was only 90% responsible, Alex is chosen to undergo a new treatment where he will be cured and the rest of his sentence commuted. Alex undergoes the Ludoviko treatment, a form of aversion therapy, which causes him to become ill whenever he even thinks of anything violent. Worse, to him, is the inability to listen to classical music that the treatment unexpectedly caused.

Alex is "cured" and released; unable even to defend himself he is now the victim. His parents won't take him back home and he takes so many beatings that you can't help but feel sorry for him as he decides his only remaining option is suicide. His attempt unsuccessful, he wakes in the hospital to find the government is taking a lot of flak over his treatment and the resulting suicide attempt. They promise to undo the treatment and get him a good job if he sides with them. Alex agrees and is then, in his mind, cured as he can now think fondly of violence and enjoy music again. This is where the original American release ends, Alex happily dreaming of the old ultra-violence.

The final, previously excluded, chapter finds Alex back at the beginning. "Well, what's it going to be then?" he asks his new droogs while they sit at the Korova Milkbar but finds he doesn't feel up to the ultra-violence after all and wanders the night on his own. Whether Alex is growing up and out of his violence or some part of the Ludoviko treatment remained, Alex is surely changing.

This book is by no means a favorite of mine, however, it's a must-read because of the questions it raises. Should we have free choice even if we are unable to choose correctly? Get out your Nadsat dictionary and read A Clockwork Orange. Kubrik's film was a masterpiece but he didn't have the full story to work with.
A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Friday, January 11, 2019

Auction pictures: sheer blue camo top and panties

Let me start by saying this, I never sold this set. I put it up for auction once and had the listing removed... you're not supposed to sell worn panties on ebay. Shhh, don't tell, lol! After my listing was removed, I decided to hang on to the set. You'll see it again when I take new pictures and relist it on ebay this summer...

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Thursday bondage: Futomomo tie

This tie was really fun to learn and I think it looks really pretty. Futomomo is a very useful tie, but I'd much rather have this tie done on me. Here is a picture I snapped while learning how to tie Futomomo:
Futomomo exposes soles and toes

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Drawing of great horned owl

My bestie has had owls popping up wherever he goes lately... he jokes that it's his late invitation to Hogwarts, lol. Anyhow, I wanted to draw something for him so I got out my supplies and...
Great horned owl, pencil & charcoal on bristol drawing
Great horned owl, graphite and charcoal on bristol.


Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Topless Tuesday: bath time!

This week for Topless Tuesday, I'm sharing this picture of me in the bathtub. I love taking baths - they're hot and wet, how could I not!?!
Big natural boobs in the hot, wet bath! ;)

Saturday, January 05, 2019

Watch it! Joe 90

If you're super cool (aka over forty, like me) you probably remember the tv show Thunderbirds. If you didn't, I'm so sorry you missed out... it was AWESOME! However, this post isn't about Thunderbirds, it's about Thunderbirds' little brother Joe 90, another Supermarionation show from the 60's.
Nine year old Joe McClaine is the adopted son of Ian McClaine, inventor of a device that can read the brainwaves of one person and share that knowledge with another. The super amazing Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record And Transfer is known as BIG RAT... funny, eh? Anyhow, Ian's friend Sam Loover is a trusted agent with WIN (World Intelligence Network) and wants Ian to let them use BIG RAT.
Naturally, in order to fully utilize BIG RAT, WIN needs a spy that nobody would suspect - Ian's son, Joe. Equipped with youth, a gun and special glasses that provide brain impulses from BIG RAT, Joe is now Joe 90, WIN's "most special agent."
While working for WIN on their most important missions Joe flies jet fighters, gets in shootouts, drives military vehicles, breaks into top secret facilities and, most importantly, he blows things up. Seriously, they destroy so many sets - it's breathtaking! Model airplanes, tanks, buildings... nothing is spared.
Not only does it have great Supermarionation pyrotechnics, Joe 90 is from the late 60's and our Cold War inspired stereotype villain marionettes have awful accents. (Yes, this is a plus for me, lol!) Are they Russian? Middle Eastern? Hispanic? Sometimes, they're a blend of all three and we can only guess their ethnicity by how the marionette has been dressed.
All in all, Joe 90 is a really cool show. It's a fun spy story with lots of explosions and incredibly groovy music. It's sort of a blend of Home Alone and Austin Powers with a splash Team America... good stuff. This link will take you to an awesome Joe 90 fan video on YouTube so you can get a taste of what you've been missing!
Enjoy the show!

Friday, January 04, 2019

Auction pictures: sheer black mesh longsleeve top

Who doesn't love a sheer shirt paired with a cute little plaid skirt? Nobody, that's who! This was a great top... technically clothed but might as well be topless. It's the best of both worlds! Enough talk... er, typing. Time for the picture!
Big natural boobs in a sheer mesh top
Do I have a great pair of big, natural boobs, or what?


Thursday, January 03, 2019

Thursday bondage: basic chest wrap

This week I'm sharing a picture I snapped in a basic chest tie. This tie is the starting point for a lot of other chest ties. I love how confined it makes me feel wearing it, it's an amazing sensation. And as you can see, it doesn't hide anything, my boobs are fully exposed.
I really should have gotten a picture after I untied myself; the rope marks look incredible from a chest harness. Next time...


Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Drawing of Manideus, half-elf sorceror

Whether we're playing Dungeons & Dragons, WoW, or some other game - my guy loves to play magic users. When we started playing D&D again recently,  he rolled a maniacal half-elf sorcerer. I can never guess what he's going to say or do next. It's good to have players like him, they keep you on your toes - especially when you're a relatively inexperienced DM!
Pencil drawing of Manideus, half-elf sorcerer
It's Manideus the sorcerer, a half-elf version of Mr!

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Topless Tuesday: topless in the snow for the New Year

Happy New Year! I hope you had a fun and safe New Year's Eve and that 2019 is a great year for us all! To celebrate, I'd like to share this topless picture of myself wearing nothing but my scarf in the snowfall.
Topless outdoors in the snow
I'm going to keep this one short - I'm giving up potato chips, so I'm likely to be crabby! Actually, this year my resolution isn't to give up chips, lol! I want to be more productive... write more erotica, do more drawings, take more pictures and make more videos! Happy New Year, everyone!