Saturday, January 05, 2019

Watch it! Joe 90

If you're super cool (aka over forty, like me) you probably remember the tv show Thunderbirds. If you didn't, I'm so sorry you missed out... it was AWESOME! However, this post isn't about Thunderbirds, it's about Thunderbirds' little brother Joe 90, another Supermarionation show from the 60's.
Nine year old Joe McClaine is the adopted son of Ian McClaine, inventor of a device that can read the brainwaves of one person and share that knowledge with another. The super amazing Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record And Transfer is known as BIG RAT... funny, eh? Anyhow, Ian's friend Sam Loover is a trusted agent with WIN (World Intelligence Network) and wants Ian to let them use BIG RAT.
Naturally, in order to fully utilize BIG RAT, WIN needs a spy that nobody would suspect - Ian's son, Joe. Equipped with youth, a gun and special glasses that provide brain impulses from BIG RAT, Joe is now Joe 90, WIN's "most special agent."
While working for WIN on their most important missions Joe flies jet fighters, gets in shootouts, drives military vehicles, breaks into top secret facilities and, most importantly, he blows things up. Seriously, they destroy so many sets - it's breathtaking! Model airplanes, tanks, buildings... nothing is spared.
Not only does it have great Supermarionation pyrotechnics, Joe 90 is from the late 60's and our Cold War inspired stereotype villain marionettes have awful accents. (Yes, this is a plus for me, lol!) Are they Russian? Middle Eastern? Hispanic? Sometimes, they're a blend of all three and we can only guess their ethnicity by how the marionette has been dressed.
All in all, Joe 90 is a really cool show. It's a fun spy story with lots of explosions and incredibly groovy music. It's sort of a blend of Home Alone and Austin Powers with a splash Team America... good stuff. This link will take you to an awesome Joe 90 fan video on YouTube so you can get a taste of what you've been missing!
Enjoy the show!

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